Friday, March 18, 2016


It is important to remember that as you age your complexion changes. The colors that looked best on you at thirty may not be right for you at sixty. Enjoy the fun of finding the most suitable and flattering hue for you now and build a wardrobe around it.

For example, some years ago in early autumn, a group of book editors from around the world met in Greece for a conference, There were activities scheduled for the group in between business hours. Therefore one's wardrobe had to be versatile enough to cover everything from swimsuits for hotel pool to casual evening-wear worn to neighborhood restaurants and clubs to watch Greek men dance.

One editor quietly stood out. She was always appropriately dressed with an extra dash of chic! The one consistent element to her wardrobe was the color white. She wore a white swimsuit, covered with a man's blue striped shirt, a white cotton pique suit for business hours, a white linen halter-neck sundress with a scarf for restaurants and clubs, and a white silk crepe sheath dress worn with an emerald green jacket for evening. White had been her favorite color from the time she was a girl. Fortunately for her, as she aged, she only had to adjust the various shades of white and textures of fabric to compliment her complexion and body shape. Other colors were used in her choice of accessories.

Experiment with color!

If one speaks to you use it!

Experience a new you !

Most of the photos in this post are of Holi or Festival of  Colors in India. It is a day of love and reverence celebrated with all  the colors of the world. What are some colors you wear to celebrate and love yourself? Let me know in the comments below and don't forget to post your age. Let's celebrate our
ages together!

   New Hairstyles and Color

Hair color fades in its intensity as you mature and can make your skin color look dull and sallow. A good hairstylist can help you decide if you need a change. Don't be afraid to try something new!

Start with small changes rather than a drastic one that, if not right, will leave you unhappy.

A new hairstyle and color can change your over-all look, lift your spirits and put a spring in your step!

What is a favorite hairstyle or color you have tried? Let me know in the comment section below. Don't forget to give your age.

   Red Lipstick and Nail Polish

Red is the color women all over the world wear on their lips and nails regardless of their ethnicity and skin tones.

The red of India is different from the red of China. The rightness is in how each woman makes the color work for her in the most flattering way.

A woman's demeanor changes when she wears red lipstick and nail polish. She seems more self assured, her hands more graceful.

This red duo can lift the spirit, change a mood or establish one, complete a fashion statement, or just make you admire your own pretty mouth and hands.

Red lipstick is worn successfully by women of a certain age well into their last decade whatever that decade may be. So experiment at your favorite cosmetic counter and find the 'right red' for you.

In the comment section below give me some ideas for the perfect occasions to wear Red !


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